www.zhangjiajietourism.comRape flowers bloom, willow turns green in world natural heritage –Wulingyuan Yellow Dragon Cave square. Rape flowers dress the entire ecosystem square with a golden color, attracted many tourists and citizens come to stop and enjoy the good spring day.
Yellow Dragon Cave Square preserves the original 30 acres of farmland and farming methods during the construction. It is not only a public plaza to enjoy rape flower, but also a wonderful place to show Zhangjiajie traditional pastoral farming culture to the domestic and overseas tourists. Rape flower opening hours for about a week earlier than last year due to rapid temperature rise this year. All rape flowers will be in full bloom during the "March" International Women's Day. Other cultivated cherry, magnolia, peach also will bloom and flourish in square.
Tourism sources show that the major tourist attraction in Zhangjiajie will welcome a peak period after the Golden Week of Spring Festival with the advent of "March" International Women's Day and gradually step into the tourist season.

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