30 Harley Davidson Motorcycle racers from Tianjin, Changsha challenged 99 bends heaven road of zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain on 13 June. The racers enjoyed the beautiful scenery as well as showed tourists the cycling culture Harley Davidson Motorcycle and a passion feast .
30 Harley Davidson Motorcycle racers started at the foot of Tianmen Mountain around 09:00, riding on the 99 bends road under rain, and finally arrived at Tianmen Cave Square. Liangyue, one of the racer said excitedly:"99 bends road of Tianmen Mountain is very special and full of challenge, today's riding would be an unforgettable memory for us " . Liangyue, one of the member of Harley Davidson Motorcycle, ride an distance of 1680 Km from Tianjing at early morning for this Tianmen Mountain riding. He had visited Tianmen Mountain many times, and he dreamed to challenge this heaven road since 2011 when he saw the road. He hoped more foreigner Harley Davidson Motorcycle racers will know about Zhangjiajie 99 bends road, he believed they would love zhangjiajie 99 bends same as Route 66 of American. 
Liangyue have riding Harley more than 20 years. He went to many places and thought Tianmen Mountain 99 bends road riding was more special. Riding in the picturesque mountain of the misty rain and fog was just the pursuit of freedom and enjoy travel for Harley Davidson.

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