Zhangjiajie and Venice signed the tourism and cultural cooperation framework agreement to build world's most classic landscape tour, on June 19 of local time, Venice, Italy. 
The agreement covers tourism resources sharing, mutual passenger source, and exchanges and cooperation in tourism and culture. Investors of both sides are encouraged to develop tourism projects in their counterpart, promote each other via information platforms, and share the latest achievements made in tourism and culture innovation. The two sides also exchanged views on the annual meeting system for tourism cooperation and irregular project cooperation and communications. 
Zhangjiajie, as world natural heritage well-known at home and abroad for the shooting of the movie “Avatar”, posses abundant of tourism resources, famous for it's 3000 unique stand stone peaks and 800 elegant waters, and Venice, acclaimed as the City of Water, take the opportunity of the World Expo in Milan joint cooperation. It is desirable to jointly promote tourism and cultural advantages of the two complement each other, common development. 

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