On June 20, the 11th China (Miluo) International Dragon Boat Festival was held at the Dragon Boat Racing Center of Miluo. Over 100 thousand domestic and international tourists gathered on the bank of the Miluo River to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, appreciating folk-custom and watching folk dragon boat race.
On the opening ceremony, 260 teenagers in traditional Han Chinese clothing chanted classic quotations from Lisao (Encountering Sorrow, one of the works by Qu Yuan), and 20 children sang the “Dragon Boat Nursery Rhymes”, displaying folk customs like making rice-dumplings and carving a dragon head. Following the above programs are the folk “Dragon Worship” ceremony, the folk dance “Nine Dragons Celebrates Dragon Boat Day”, theme song and dance “There is a Miluo River in the World”, and the performance of national level intangible cultural heritage project “Changle Taige Stories”, which pushed the event to the climax.
At 10:30, the folk dragon boat invitation race was launched. 20 folk dragon boat teams participated in the event, pounding drums while boating against the current in the Miluo River. After intense competition, Quzi Dragon Boat Club’s men team won the championship in both 200-meter straightway racing and 500-meter straightway race.

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