Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province is included in the list of dream tourist destinations published by many well-known websites all over the country on July 31, 25. Together with Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu Province, they are the only two places of China included on the list.  
The 25 places published this time are mostly international renowned world natural heritages or cultural heritages. With unique peak-forest landform and year-long misty landscape, Zhangjiajie is just like a fairyland on earth, reminding people of the Pandora in “Avatar”. In the year of 2004, Princess Sirindhorn from Thailand visited Zhangjiajie and left inscriptions of “beautiful beyond imagination” and “dream world”. In 2010, quartz sandstone peak forest landform was confirmed as Zhangjiajie landform by international geology and landscape experts. Apart from “Avatar”, TV series and films including "Journey to the West", “Zhongkui-Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal” and “Monster Hunt” also chose Zhangjiajie as shooting location.

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