For the past week or so, a new viral challenge has been sweeping across the nation, ensnaring teens everywhere in its powerful talons. The idea is simple. Everyone freezes in place, forming a complex tableau of adolescent life, and then someone takes a video of it. This game requires more people to participate in, each person poses a different shape, do not blink, silent, motionless, like a glass window in the dummy model, and then photographed by photographers the whole process, hence also called Dummy Challenge. 

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass Bridge Company hold the Mannequin challenge on December 11, 2016. More than 100 tourists from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places participated in the Mannequin Challenge. They stand or stand, or squat, or lie; no blinking, no talking, motionless gestures of different facial and human modeling, which makes Chinese and foreign tourists can not help laughing.

“In the world's longest, highest, most exciting Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon on the transparent glass bridge to experience the mannequin challenges, so that photographers freeze this funny picture, which is undoubtedly the most comfortable, the most fun, most heartbeat once Tourism experience.” Miss Li, a tourist in Shanghai, talked about the interesting challenges in the bridge. something more to say, participate in the process, in order to eliminate the cowardice of tourists, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area Chairman Chen Zhidong and the bridge staff took the lead in modeling, to lead everyone to challenge. The photographer took photos from the horizontal, vertical and below the glass and other different angles to record the attitude of the participants and Facebook. Many participants in the post-shot see their own pictures and laugh, claimed that this game is too exciting.

www.zhangjiajietourismIt is reported that this is the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon winter tourism organizations. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Planning Director Chen Zhuo introduced that in order to improve tour participation and experience of tourists in the winter in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. They have held many tour experience solicitation activities, such as The Most Hey Face, The Most Hey Family, and Mannequin Challenge. The Most Hey face is one of the activities of the highest participation, the most interesting event since the beginning of activities in December. According to statistics, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon has attracted more than 5,000 people every day since the winter. 

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