As spring comes, weather is getting warmer; Tianmen Mountain Company has announced that Tianmen Cave will open to tourist on 16, March. 
As we all know, Tianmen Cave usually closed for every winter as the road always covered by ice, thus the shuttle bus can not run on the 99 bends road to Tianmen Cave. Since 16 March, tourists can visit Tianmen Mountain by both A line (by cable car up, then take the escalator down to Tianmen Cave, then take the bus down the mountain through the 99 bends road.) and B line (by bus up to Tianmen Cave, then take the escalator up to the top mountain, after enjoyed scenery on the top of Tianmen Mountain then take cable car down the mountain.)
Tianmen Mountain is a popular destination for tourists as tourists not only can enjoy the beautiful mountain view by the world longest cable car, but also can experience the sky walk on the glass-bottom walkway and exciting bus-ride on the 99 bends heaven road. It’s better to arrange it well especially for those tourists who need catch the flight or train. Usually A line first need queue for the cable car to go up, but end with bus usually no queue. B line first maybe just a short queue for the bus, but end with cable usually have long queue.

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