Huping Mountain National Nature Reserve
Huping Mountain
Huping Mountain National Nature Reserve is located in Shimen County of Hunan province, the northeast of Wuling Mountain, and a total area of 66568 hectares. It belongs to the national nature reserve of forest ecological type. Huping Mountain Nature Reserve Tourism is eco-tourism with a main landscape feature of the primeval secondary forest, canyon and peak.
The primeval forest area of 40000 mu, woody plants have 831 species, including 28 plants as the national key protective plants. There are 1019 species of medicinal plants, 350 kinds of wild animal. Biological experts call it “Green Treasure Hidden Gold”.
Huping Mountain National Nature Reserve
The natural landscape of the scenic area has cliffs, rocks, lakes waterfall, karst caves, a large number of fossils and plant “living fossil “. The human landscape has Tujia folk custom and culture, temples and the revolutionary memorial etc. The eco-tourism of Huping Mountain Nature Reserve has four unique scenic: One is the Canyon Ecological Leisure Tourism, Two is Canyon Ecological Drift, three is The Roof Landscape and four is Skiing in East Mountain.

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