Zhangjiajie Jiangya Spa Resort
Hotel address:jiangya town,cili county ,Zhangjiajie city
Chinese name:张家界江垭温泉度假村
Chinese address:张家界市慈利县江垭镇
Zhangjiajie Jiangya Spa Resort is the first spa resort in Zhangjiajie and currently the only one unique-style semi-open-air bath in Xiangxi area. There are more than 20 unique and functional, high standards outdoor spa pool and indoor spa pool. Natural garden layout, quartzite pebble path, rockery waterfalls, bridges, spa pool like a pearl inlaid in the hotel. It sets the hotel, restaurant, hotel, conference, fitness, recreation, sauna, cosmetology and other business projects in one, especially suitable for leisure, vacation, recreation, resort, conference, training and business activities.
JIANGYA hot spring water is clear, spring water outlet temperature is about 54 ℃ all year round, according to expert testing, hot water rich in minerals beneficial to human health of trace elements.It has effects on neuropathic pain, rheumatism and other diseases ,so it functions on relaxing the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation,enhance physical fitness, skin beauty , anti-aging and other health effects.
JIANGYA spa bath with its rich culture, coupled with warm, thoughtful, warm, attentive service, the spa’s magical charm attracts many people who pursuit of health,beautiful come to the hotel to enjoy the relaxed and comfortable, safe and healthy ,leisure feeling.
Zhangjiajie Jiangya Spa Resort
Zhangjiajie Jiangya Spa Resort
Distance from the Lotus Airport ( Km ):62
Distance from the railway station ( Km ):61
Distance from the bus station( Km ):60
Distance from the scenic spot( Km ):32
Hotel Facilities:
Room service
laundry service
wake up service
concierge service business center
travel services
front valuables safe
Hotel Dining:
a restaurant
seven boxes(person):250
Confenrence Facilities:
4 meeting rooms (multimedia projector,screen, audio, microphone, tea, paper, pens, etc.)
Large Conference Room :3 (can accommodate up to 18 people, sit around style)
Large Conference Room :1 (can accommodate 100 people, Classroom / Hollow)
Entertainment Facilities:

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