Wulingyuan Xibu Street
Xibu Street is located in Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie, opposite District government of the Wuling Road. It is north of Wuling Avenue, south of Suoxi River, east of Zhangjiajie Grand Theatre and west of Baofeng Bridge that is the key point of Baofeng Lake. The project covers an area of about 100 acres, and the total construction area of about 70000 square meters. It is an only compound of water bar, the famous Chinese snack street, high street, Xiangxi folk shopping street, leisure inn, and creative workshop, as one of the travel walking street. And it is travel culture collection which can’t be copied in the center view of Wulingyuan.
The whole distribution planning of Xibu Street combines street and courtyard, architectural shape and volume with a linear drift theory as principle to do the organic arrangement. The building pursues romance, elegance and transparence, and reflects the fashion and simple quality, but also meets people’s aesthetic needs. Using Tujia and Miao traditional language as showing elements for the construction makes facade styles unified and rustic.

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