Covers an area of 3.5mu, Sandstone Art Gallery was designed and invested by the founder of sand and stone painting —Li Junsheng, which was completely constructed and opened for this type of painting in 2001.
Then it was awarded as the national AAA (level) tourist attractions in 2005, also evaluated as the first demonstration base for culture industry by the propaganda department of Hunan provincial party committee in 2007.
Surrounded by flowing water and many plants, especially the branches of ivy, indeed, the gallery makes me feel that life is lively but also quiet.
The building has four floors, however, the paintings are mainly displayed on the three upper ones. No matter of the size or the materials of the works both gives me the same impression: rich and varied!
Because of the workers’ serious care and protection, the gallery is very clean. In my opinion, it is very good for extending the gallery’s life and maintaining its integrity.
Sandstone Art Gallery
The introduction of Li Junsheng
In the autumn of 1963, Li Junsheng was born in Zhang Jiajie, Tianmen Mountain. As a little boy, he loved nature very much. During his childhood, what he often did was ride on the bull back and listens to the sweet songs of the birds.
With the influence of the natural landscape, he has a strong interest in drawing. Wherever he is or whatever he does, he always carries his painting tools.
He is a very careful person, so in the daily life, he can often observes the beauty and art. One day, a colorful “dream”, to depict a fairy tale of the fascinating world of nature with those of sand plant came out. Although his family was poor, in order to improve his drawing skills and open his vision, he went to further study in Changsha without any hesitation.
Li Junsheng
Luckily, in 1986, he explored a new king of art form–sand and stone painting. In 1994, he successfully held his sand and stone painting personal exhibition in National art museum of China. In 1997, he founded the Junsheng sand and stone institute. He says, “A fancy artwork is not constrained by materials and techniques, instead, it depends on the creator’s inspiration”.
It is a new art style which uses natural materials, like sand, stone, plants. It makes a breakthrough about drawing materials, developed from minority’s art and absorbs the other style’s advantages. He manifests the nature with natural things and depicts objects with same object. The painting combines the grace of Chinese traditional painting, the freshness of watercolor, the dignity of oil-painting, the refinement of crafts, and the three-dimension effect of relief. The painting mainly depicts his hometown’s scenery and custom. All concrete and abstract objects also are reflected in his works. The realistically or freehand drawing has been widely agreed.

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