Laodao Bay in Zhangjiajie
Laodao Bay, located in the south of Zhangjiajie City, belongs to Guanliping office area. It is 7 kilometers away from the city center, and the total area is more than 9000 mu.
Laodao Bay is divided into three scenic areas:
The eastern line is similar to Guigu gorge of Jiuzhai Valley. At present, it has developed eighteen Pond Scenic Spots, and these ponds have different depth. The low one is more than 1 meters and the deep one is about 4 meters. They are in every size and every shape. Some of them look like the crescent, some ponds look like kidney of pig, and some others are irregular.
Laodao Bay in Zhangjiajie
The middle line is the millennial ancient road which has been flourishing in the history. There are thirty-six Jiao, Xuelin Hillock, Yirenmo, Yanzhafan ancient ruins, Rock Bridge and other scenic spots.
The west line is Snowflake Creek, now renamed The Fairy Canyon. It is 800 meters long, and the narrowest point is only 1 meter. It is nearly 200 meters high. Because of long scour of the water, the hardness strata became different, which formed a narrow bottom and a wide top. This place is dark without light, and its shape looks like karst cave. The spring water flows down the mountain and forms a stair waterfall.

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