Zhangjiajie Jiutian Cave
Jiutian Cave is located in the west of Zhangjiajie, north of Wulingyuan, the southwest of Sangzhi County, and has 70 kilometers away from Zhangjiajie.
The largest cave in Asia — Jiutian Cave, is named because there are nine skylights connected with the ground. The hole can be divided into three layers, and its total area is 2500000 square meters. There are a lot of all sorts of strange stalagmites, stalactites, Shiman, and they are very rare in the world of underground treasure. In 1987, after more than 20 experts’ three investigations from 17 countries, Jiutian Cave was identified as the first cave in Asia. In 1987 the cave Explorer Wang Hairan found Jiutian Cave. In 1988 it officially opened to visitors, and it was listed as the provincial level scenic spots. The same year, after international cave experts inspected Jiutian Cave, they thought the size of it was very grand, and the landscape was unique, so it was suitable for expedition. Thus, they formally accepted Jiutian Cave as member units of international cave organization. At the same time, Jiutian Cave was regarded as international exploration base. Since entering the international cave world, the price of Jiutian Cave has increased.
Zhangjiajie Jiutian Cave
There are 40 halls, 3 underground rivers, 12 waterfalls, 5 bridges, 6 Qianqiutian, 3 natural lakes inside Jiutian Cave. And it was known as Chinese cave miracle.
The value of Jiutian Cave is whether its water, road, atmosphere or stone can let a person have a recover his original simplicity.
In September, 1989, after the cave experts from the United States, Britain, and Belgium explored Jiutian Cave, they all agreed that Jiutian Cave had high scientific value and tourism value.

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