Mengdong River is situated 80km southeast of Zhangjiajie city, nestled among mountains, a remote canyon towering limestone cliffs, a beautiful river that’s ranked among the famous river in china. The whole rafting journey will take about five hours, you can just drift half, it is from the Haney palace to the dirt road Bridge, it takes three hours. If you want to drift the whole river, it will be arrived Furong town, a famous town in Xiangxi, If you drift in the morning ,you can drift the whole river, then go to visit Furong town; but if you drift in the afternoon, you’d better drift a half of it. when drifting, it generally 6-10 people ride a raft, each people will wear life jackets, and the boat is controlled by local helmsman, so it is threatening but not dangerous .You’ll thrill to the excitement of the major rapids of the Mengdong River; there are a few of the rapids that get your heart pounding. The rapids are interspersed with calm stretches, which give you a chance to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Gentle rapids carve a pathway through mountains and provide plenty of chance to swim, spot wildlife, eat the fried river fish, and just relax.
Mengdong River scenic area, being 80 kilometers away from the southwest of Zhangjiajie and in the territory of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, located in Yongshun and Guzhang two counties. The total area is 255 square kilometers. Mengdong River scenic area is composed of Meng Dong River Rafting, Wangcun, Bu’ermen and Laosi City.
Meng Dong River Rafting is located in Furong Town of Yongshun County in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan province. The starting point is only 40 km away from Furong Town which is the famous scenery spot in Xiangxi. The water flow of Meng Dong River is big and fast, and tall cliffs reach into the water, which forms a deep canyon landscape. NO.1 Drifting of Meng Dong River project is located in Mengdong River tributary, and the total length is 47 km. The most splendid place is located in Hani palace to NiuLu River, and it is about 17 km long.
NO.1 Drifting, its The starting point—Hani palace is about 40 km away from Wangcun, driving 1 hours. The finishing point—Niulu River is about a 45 minute ride into Wangcun. The length of drifting is 17 kilometers, spending 2.5 hours. The general drift starts from Hani Palace to The Monkey Jumps because of many dangerous shoals fast water flow.
The whole drift takes about 5 hours, but you can drift only a half, which means the distance of the Hani palace to Niluhe Bridge and it need three hours. If it is the whole drift, there will have a boat to Furong Town after arriving at The Monkey Jump, and the entire process takes about 2 hours.
Getting Prepared
Below are suggested items you should bring for your trip. You will enjoy your trip more if you are prepared for varying weather conditions..
Always Bring
Swimsuit,shorts,wool sweaters or synthetic fleece wool socks,windbreaker jacket and pants, footwear that can get wet (plus a dry pair for after your trip) dry clothes and towel..
Sunny Days
Sun screen sunglasses baseball cap or visor.
Wet Suit
Cotton is not recommended (this includes jeans and sweatshirts) when it is wet it robs your body of heat and is unsuitable for physical activity. Synthetic clothing is the best.
The ticket includes insurance; the child under 13 is not suggested for rafting.

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