Changsha Orange Island
Orange Island, also known as Ju Island and Water Continental Island, is located the middle of Xiangjiang River in the Changsha section. It is one of alluvial sandbanks in the Lower Xiangjiang River and is also the largest inland island in the world. Orange is surrounded by water. The narrow place is about 40 meters and the wide place is about 140 meters. Its shape is a long island. Orange is one of the important scenic spot of Changsha, the national 5A-level tourism area and the national key scenic area. And it is regarded as” The first island in China”
Changsha Orange Island
Thousands of plants grow in Orange Island, of which there are 143 kinds of rare plants. Surrounded by water, Orange Island has moist climate, which is the best area of fruit growth.
Because of broad place and wide river, there built a beautiful Orange Island Park. In the centre of the park, there is a white marble monument that engraved with the handwriting “Orange Island “of Mao Zedong in the front and “Qinyuanchun?Changsha” in the back.
Famous attractions: Wentian Platform, Hundreds of meters Fountain, Beach Park, Art Sculpture and Orange Island Fireworks.

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