Window of the World in Changsha
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Changsha Window of the World is the largest cultural theme park, and is also one of the first national 4A level (the highest) tourist attractions.
Changsha Window of the World
Changsha Window of the World is a large cultural tourism project invested by Hunan Dianguang Media Limited Liability Company and Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Holding Co., Ltd and China Travel Service Group of HongKong to construct together. It is located in The East Golden Eagle TV Culture city of Liuyang River Bridge in Changsha. It covers an area of 400000 square meters, invests 360000000 yuan, is the largest cultural theme park, and is also one of the first national 4A level (the highest) tourist attractions.
The park is situated beside a river at the foot of a mountain and we can green everywhere. The garden style of Europe, East and West Asia makes theme park more beautiful and charming. More than 100 world places of historic interest account for the terrain, construct centuries-old history and show the strong exotic sentiment. New Swan Stone Castle of Germany The Lighthouse of Alexandria and other exotic magnificent buildings reproduces the amazing feats of ancient human. Wengming Street, Wengming Lake, The International Commercial Street, The European Customs Street, Cowboy Street, Japanese Garden, The Southeast Asia Watery Place and other different charming human landscapes create human wonderland and the human dream.
Changsha Window of the World
The art performance of the area assembling Chinese and foreign court and folk art has formed a set of complete performance system. Attractions, flow and square parade performances broadly and flexibly display the wonder and charm of art; the rich cultural and historical atmosphere, high-tech lighting and stage facilities make a magnificent art scene; The enthusiastic Latin dance, lively Russian dance, exquisite Japanese dance together assemble dozens of wonderful programs and make people intoxicated; the first large-scale outdoor laser fireworks music party “Light of the century” uses high-tech means to weave a piece of magnificent and beautiful art picture in the dance of light and voice, which makes people refreshed. The large-scale party” Exotic Amorous Feeling” of Wuzhou Grand Theater vividly shows the mystery of Africa, the magnificence of Asia and Europe the craze of America. Speed performance is thrilling and training animal performance is humorous. Recreational facilities of scenic areas lead fashion trend and set thrill, excitement and fun in one. There are the largest three-ring roller coaster, Ziplining across Europe and Asia, rafting river which is full of childishness and more than ten entertainments to allow you to experience the ultimate stimulation and enjoy the release of passion.
Changsha Window of the World
Changsha Window of the World also provides detailed and complete service facilities for tourists. There are six different and affordable restaurants, a dozen strong exotic culture shopping malls, tourist information center, special clinic for tourist checkroom and so on to give you a warm and considerate service.
Changsha Window of the World is also base that holds great theme cultural activities in Hunan province, and celebrates many major festivals every year, and hosts many cultural, sports, economic activities.

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